Helping leaders and sales professionals to unleash their true leadership power and potential for the greater good of their organizations, communities or for everyone they wish to influence positively.

How L2L coaching is helping Leaders & Sales Professionals be great leaders.

At L2L coaching, we have a passion and love for servant leadership coaching.

We are 100% committed with every Leader & Sales Professional we coach in being engaging,

enthusiastic, empathetic, positive and applying great listening and communication skills.

What we will do to help Leaders be great Leaders

We will guide each great future Leader through a focused coaching plan that will take them on a 10 step leadership growth program.

Our 10 Step leadership growth program

  1. Building your personal foundation
  2. Discovering your true leadership motivations
  3. Defining success
  4. Prioritizing your strategic focus areas
  5. Understanding and hiring A players on your team
  6. Assessing your Leadership
  7. Identifying and understanding your true value
  8. Understanding why failure leads to success
  9. Pursuing success without losing focus on what matters the most
  10. Creating future great leaders.

You don’t own success, you only rent it. And the rent is due every single day .

Darren Hardy

What we will do to help Sales Professionals become great

We will guide each great sales professional through a focused 8 step performance sales coaching program.

Our 8 Step performance sales coaching program

  1. Connecting with your client in 25 seconds
  2. Identifying and understanding where your client is being underserviced
  3. Showing your client you understand
  4. A simple and effective commitment strategy
  5. Eliminating the competition effectively and ethically
  6. Creating your winning strategic presentation
  7. Understanding the LAASAC objection handling model to help close the deal
  8. Increasing accountability with the 4 box coaching feedback model

“It’s not about being better than others, it’s about being better than what we use to be.”

Domenic Presutti