With the holiday season fast approaching, this is also the time we start asking ourselves what great impactful gift should I get these individuals who I serve and who I love. Just the reflection on what to get all these individuals may become fun and at the same time it could become frustrating. We need to ask ourselves; what are we trying to accomplish with this gift? Are we getting them a gift because this has become an obligation? Are we getting them a gift to show them how much we care?

Regardless what the answers to these questions are, one of the important questions to ask ourselves is: Will this gift have such a tremendous impact that they will feel empowered?

Does such a gift exist?

What price am I ready to pay for this type of crazy gift?

The reality is that this type of gift is worth a truck full of gold to the person receiving it with little cost of purchase to you.

This GREAT GIFT is: Positive Uplifting Feedback (PUF)

‘’ A PUF is about taking some time to focus and reflect on the positive behaviours that this individual (husband, wife, child, sister, brother, friend, co-worker, etc.) has demonstrated throughout the year and that has made a huge impact on the well being of your team, your family, your organization or even your community.

Please don’t confuse ‘’on the spot feedback” with a PUF. ‘’On the spot feedback”” is essential and au contraire, it should be done all the time because people need to get positive and constructive feedback or radical candor as soon as you have witnessed a behavior that needs to be addressed.

Oh no! giving PUF is not easy, to do this I would need to prepare myself extensively. I would need to take time off by busy schedule and focus on the positive behaviours these individuals have demonstrated throughout the year. I’m not sure I have the time during this very busy time of the year, to many things on my plate…I will just get them a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate or I will pay for the holiday lunch/dinner or I will get them a card wishing them and their family all the best….yup I will get them a delicious box of Belgium chocolate…..Done!

And who doesn’t love a delicious box of Belgium chocolate.

Receiving a box of Belgium chocolate is great, eating the first one is divine, having a second one is reasonable, having a third is acceptable because you deserve it, eating a forth one, we quickly realize we didn’t have too but we did and we quickly realize that we made a mistake and we might start feeling not so good.

So How impactful is that?

Will these gifts help them become raving fans of you? Will these gifts make them truly believe that you care about them? Will these gifts have a long lasting positive impact?

Receiving one of these so called ‘’normal’’ gifts is fun but once we have consumed that gift, it’s over.

But if instead, you decide that this year you are going to give them a PUF directly from your heart, how great would that be? How great will you feel when they look at you and mention: thank you for caring about me and giving me this great feedback.

This uplifting sensation you will feel should be addicting and it will certainly make you want to do it again.

So how does someone go about giving PUF?

  1. Spend some time to reflect on what you have observed
  2. Write down the 1 or 2 great behaviours that you have noticed and that they should continue to exabit
  3. Prepare and practice your delivery
  4. When sharing your Positive Uplifting Feedback, be authentic, speak from your heart

And once you have shared your PUF

  • Thank them for being a great individual
  • Tell them how much you care about them

So how great is this simple holiday gift, little cost but very impactful.

And why not get them also a delicious box of Belgium chocolate. They deserve it too!